Jerry Maguire Monologue

Jerry Maguire Monologue


Don’t worry… don’t worry. I’m not gonna do… what you all think i’m gonna do, which is just FLIP OUT!!  But let me just say, as I ease out of the office, that i helped build… I’m sorry, but it is a FACT… that there is such a thing… as manners. A way of treating people. These fish have manners. These fish have manners. In fact, they’re coming with me. I’m starting a new company, and the fish are coming with me. You can call me sentimental, but the fish are coming with me.

Now. If you come with me, this will be the moment of something new, and fun, and inspiring in this GOD FORSAKEN business. And we will do it together. So… who’s coming with me? who’s coming with me and  flipper, here? Huh?  Who’s coming with me? WHO’S COMING WITH ME?

This is embarrassing. Wendy, shall we? Okay… okay.

Dorothy, thank you!

We will see you all again…sleep tight!